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16 Dec Melbourne’s Best Dishes 2015 – URBANLIST

  It’s been quite a year of new openings, new dishes, and ALL of the chicken ribs. From new spins on breakfast classics to delightfully strange dessert flavours, we’ve rounded up 45 of Melbourne’s best 2015 dishes. We can’t decide which one should be crowned best dish of 2015 – so we’re leaving it up to you guys. Vote at the end of the list for your favourite, and go into the draw to win 2x float sessions at Gravity Floatation, Armadale!...

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09 Oct THE GUANDIAN: Breakfast bowls: superfood or just the latest diet fad?

Bursting with colour, breakfast bowls are appearing on Instagram feeds and cafe menus all over the country. But are they more show than substance? Forget eggs and bacon. Farewell smashed avo. The new way to start your day is with a breakfast bowl filled with kale, berries or quinoa. These colourful bowls packed with so-called superfoods and costing up to $18 at a cafe, may be the flavour of the month, but demand for them is being driven by people with a...

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09 Oct URBANLIST: 47 Healthy Breakfasts You’ll Actually Want To Eat

As we prepare to come out of our winter hibernation for another year, it’s not uncommon to feel the sudden desire to swap your usual Saturday scrambled eggs for a fruit salad. We’ve got you covered, Melbourne, with this epic list of the best healthy breakfasts in our fair city. And it’s not all acai and kale (although they do get a few mentions). From sweet to savoury, pancakes to pudding, these are the best Melbourne breakfasts you can order...

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09 Oct REMODELISTA: Patch Cafe: A Playful Custom-Built Restaurant in Melbourne by Izabella Simmons

Patch Cafe: A Playful Custom-Built Restaurant in Melbourne by Izabella Simmons Issue 39 · The Deconstructed Kitchen · October 2, 2015 Located in an old warehouse space in Richmond, Australia, a suburb of Melbourne, Patch Cafe serves a Paleo-inspired menu (think meat, fish, veg, fruit; what early humans ate) in a simple, unpretentious space with more than a few raw edges. Cofounders Tom Davidson and Jacob Burke turned to interior designers Hana Hakim and Kestie Lane (former partners in the Melbourne-based Studio...

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01 Oct URBANLIST: Melbourne’s Best Salads That Actually Fill You Up

Wrestling with what you want to eat versus what you should eat is one of life’s least enjoyable activities. Sure you could commit to a green salad everyday for lunch, but as much as you pretend to enjoy your less-than-two-hundred calorie bowl of health, you know deep down the entire meal has a similar flavour profile to a tissue.  On the other end of the spectrum, fast food can leave a waft of regret and empty diet promises. So to fix...

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