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13 Jul Happiness Cafes 5 Melbounre Mood Booster – Issimo Magazine

Perhaps it’s time to join the ‘happies” – those who combine healthy eating and living to promote joy and even zen. Ashley Alasagas finds five Melbourne cafes that deal in more than delicious food and drinks.

Inspired by the paleo movement in America and his work as a personal trainer, Tom Davidson decided to bring the movement to Melbourne by opening the city’s first paleo cafe.

Joining forces with Jacob Burke, the pair set up Patch in the heritage restored Studio 9 lot in Richmond last year.

The menu offers a unique take on traditional menu items and are all paleo or paleo-inspired. The renowned diet is based on the food humans’ ancient ancestors might likely have eaten, such as meat, nuts and berries, and excludes food to which they likely wouldn’t have had access, such as dairy.

Davidson works closely with the chefs to create a menu using whole foods, no processed foods and no refined sugars or starches. Patch’s seasonal menu changes every few months. But don’t worry, Davidson says “we keep the favourites”.

A favourite stop for gym goers and paleo fanatics, the food caters to those with intolerances and to those who are simply health-conscious. Must-haves include a “caveman” breakfast, the chilli eggs, blueberry and almond hotcakes and the veal schnitzel. Try the grass-fed rib eye or pork belly if you’re feeling especially up for it.

The 12-month old business is already expanding with Davidson and Burke in the process of opening a grocer and restaurant/bar next door as a complementary night-time destination.

1/32 Bendigo Street, Richmond VIC; (03) 9029 0328; http://patchcafe.com.au

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