URBANLIST: Melbourne’s Best Salads That Actually Fill You Up

01 Oct URBANLIST: Melbourne’s Best Salads That Actually Fill You Up

Wrestling with what you want to eat versus what you should eat is one of life’s least enjoyable activities. Sure you could commit to a green salad everyday for lunch, but as much as you pretend to enjoy your less-than-two-hundred calorie bowl of health, you know deep down the entire meal has a similar flavour profile to a tissue.  On the other end of the spectrum, fast food can leave a waft of regret and empty diet promises.

So to fix all your problems (yet again), we’ve put together a list of the best non-lettuce salads in Melbourne! From potato salad to spicy BBQ pork, there won’t be any tasteless greens or boring dressings here. Warning: this list is not suitable for Listers on a diet.

The Build Your Own Salad

Patch Café, Richmond

A dog-friendly café, four-legged friends impatiently wait for leftovers outside one of Melbourne’s best healthy cafes. No one, not even the most carnivorous pet, seems to mind Patch’s paleo ethos. There’s a lot of genuine labour that goes into building Patch Café’s all natural, paleo-friendly Build Your Own Salad, but eating here is hardly hard work. Featuring cauliflower rice, radicchio and red radish, add grass fed steak or your favourite protein to Patch’s salad. You can have your steak and eat it too.

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